I’m so excited to share with you my FIRST project! Art, beauty, and fashion is a complete joy for me to express in so many ways!  This photoshoot is the first of many to come.  PROJECT X : the collaboration is just that . Its an indefinable entity that brings creative people together for the purpose of letting their […]

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the basement…

base•ment: (noun) the part of a building that is BELOW ground level.. When you say you’ve “hit rock bottom”, at least your still above ground! The basement signifies something much lower. Anything underground is absent of light and life. Dead things are placed underground. Things are layed to rest and forgotten underground. The only movement […]

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Where it all began ..

She was 19 years old, a teenage mother of a 1-year-old baby girl. She sat in the bathroom of her boyfriend’s apartment contemplating suicide . “What are they going to think of me?”, already feeling like a huge disappointment to her parents and unfit to be a mother as the tears fell down her face and she stared […]

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lets begin

This blog is an outlet for me. I pray it blesses its readers, but primarily, it’s the outpouring of my heart. I feel the title of this blog everyday in knowing that I’m so much more than a Hairstylist. Hair is certainly my passion, and also my career, but have you ever felt like you were placed on this earth […]

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